Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Herbaria Soaps - aromatherapy while you bathe

Ladies and germs, and genuine germy germs, I introduce you to Herbaria Soaps. Herbaria soaps come in many fancy flavorful scents however I do not recommend you taste them as tempting as they might sound (i.e. Chocolate Mint Cobblestone) as they are for olfactory pleasure and obviously not for the taste buds. :)
Herbaria soaps are completely vegan (yay!) and are made with olive, hemp seed and avocado oils and complemented with shea butter - the perfect ingredients to leave your skin super duper smooth and soft. All of their soaps are scented with natural essential oils from sustainable plants and flowers.
Herbaria has over 35 different types of soaps and here are a few of my faves:
French Lavender - love the calming, relaxing scent
Spearmint Orange - yummy smelling and very refreshing, love the texture
Almond Spice - perfect for this time of year, smells warm and comforting
Indonesisan Safflower - powerful, beautiful, exotic scent

I also want to mention that Herbaria has a Jojoba Shampoo bar which is perfect for traveling. It can be used as soap, shampoo, shave cream... they even say you can use it for a little hand laundry. I think that's extremely cool and resourceful.

These soaps are truly luxurious and make perfect gifts. Have a blast picking and choosing your favorite scent.

For more info: Herbaria All Natural Soaps

Each 4.5 oz. bar of soap is $5.50
Buy 6 bars, get 1 free and free shipping on orders over $40!