Monday, June 16, 2008

Klean Bath and Body is quite the olfactory experience!

I'm a sucker for smelly yum-yums whether it's in my mouth or on my skin. I like the idea that if you use beautiful smelling soaps, moisturizers, scrubs, etc., there's no need to even use perfume.

Klean Bath and Body is vegan and cruelty free and their products are simply amazing! They offer body polishes, moisturizers, massage oils, perfumes (and you know how hard it is to find vegan perfumes!), cleansers and other green gifts. All of their products come in a myriad of decadent fragrances so you're going to have a blast picking and choosing which products you want in which scents. I'm just going to list a few of Klean's scents 'cause the list is ginormous: The Devil Made Me Do It (brownie inspired), German Chocolate Cake, Just Peachy, Roasted Nut Orange Peel, Tangy Watermelon, Vanilla-Sandalwood, Bamboo Sugarcane, Blue Hawaii (jasmine and coconut), Ginger Tea, Pink Grapefruit-Vanilla, Pink Martini, Satsuma Glow (guava, orange, lemon, jasmine, neroli, sandalwood and musk)... (check the website for a complete list) :)

My faves:

Body Polish ($11.50): I'm in love Love LOVE with the Devil Made Me Do It Body Polish! It's a fine textured brownie scented sugar scrub that leaves your skin feeling divine! It's a chocoholic's dream. You get to enjoy all of the sinful pleasure with zero guilt and at $11.50 it's a hell of a deal.

Klean Bath Syrup
($11.50): This super thick, mega foaming bath syrup is a must for any bath or shower. Yuzu is the scent I've been currently digging. A little goes a long way so don't get too bubble crazy! You can order different sized syrups (small, medium, large) and you can add a pump as well.

Klean Solid Perfumes ($10.50): Solid perfumes are the perfect lil' size to slip into your purse or in a pocket for a quick smelly pick up. The one currently residing in my hand bag is Creamy Coconut - YUM! These perfumes come in a variety of fragrances and are blended with soy wax and sweet almond oil. These make great additions to any goody/gift bag.

For more info: Klean Bath & Body