Monday, March 24, 2008

Strawberry Hedgehog: green and glamorous beauty with homestyle charm

First of all, how can one not be drawn to a company with such an innocently alluring name. Strawberry Hedgehog is a grassrootsy company with charming and delightful products. Tracy Perkins, the owner of Strawberry Hedgehog makes all of these vegan goodies by herself in her kitchen. (Wow!) I am all about promoting ambitious, successful, vegan (and female) entrapraneurs! She offers natural vegan products such as soaps, scrubs, lotions, body butters and perfumes. These products are simple, pure and essential.

A few of my faves:

Peppermint Shea Butter ($15) I love Love LOVE anything and everything peppermint, so I was sold on this one before even trying it. By far, one of the best shea butters I've ever tried. Whenever I've got this on my arms, I become preoccupied with smelling myself to the point where it's ridiculous.

Tea Tree Rosemary Face Soap ($9) Great for keeping up a clear complexion. It smells wonderful and it lasts a long time so it's a great buy.

Lemon Mint Kiss Lip Balm ($3) Tingley and smooth and feels amazing on my lips. It's kind of addictive (in a nice, delicious way).
I always keep this in my purse so it's nearby when I'm ready to moisturize my sexy lips. I love that all of these products are homemade!

Ginger Spice, Vanilla, and Damask Rose Patchouli Perfume Oil ($15) Pure essential oils blended with only alcohol and that's it. Simple, pure, natural and refreshing. These perfumes are subtle and not overwhelming like most commercial perfumes, thank Godzilla! I especially favor the vanilla perfume oil. It's smells yummy and girly.

The nice thing about Strawberry Hedgehog is that you can custom blend essential oils to create your own wonderful aromatherapy and perfume oil scents. Sounds like fun to me!

For more info: Strawberry Hedgehog