Monday, May 5, 2008

Coola: Solar powered suncare - now that's cool!

Coola is an organic suncare line that uses only the best organic extracts and ingredients to create quality skin care that is hypoallergenic, PABA free and waterproof.
Beginning in 2009, Coola will be the first and only sun protection line that will be able to say they are a "solar powered sun protection line." The irony... and the awesomeness!
Coola is vegan, against animal testing and uses biodegradable packaging, recycled papers, eco-friendly printing and is made entirely in the USA. Coola also donates a portion of its profits to skin cancer research.

Coola has three types of sunscreen, and I guarantee you are going to want to try them all! On that note, you can order Coola Minis ($1.99) which are perfect for sampling, traveling and sharing with friends!

The goods:
Face 30 SPF in cucumber (my fave!) and unscented ($32)
Total Body 30 SPF in plumeria (another fave!) and unscented ($30)
Sport 45 SPF in mango and unscented ($32)

Coola's line of sun protection feels amazing on the skin, it smells oooh la la good (especially the scented versions) and it's not at all greasy or goopy. It's perfect! In all honesty, Coola is my new sunblock. Love it, love it! Coola will help you age gracefully and divinley while you embrace your environmental consumer responsibilities.

For more info: Coola