Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm channeling Oprah for my Earthworks post

To all my beloved VBR readers, I've decided to go Oprah on you all. You know how she always graces the cover of her own magazine every month? Well, I've decided to get more interactive with my blog. If I'm reviewing a hot new pair of eco-friendly bamboo shorts, it's gonna be my booty in the shot. I want to steer clear of using 100% stock images so enjoy! If you would like to guest review a vegan/organic product on my site, I encourage you to do so and submit a cute photo of yourself a well.

Okie doke folks, I found some deluxe bars of soap by Earthworks that smell out-of-this-world divine. Earthworks is paraben-free, against animal testing and is all about recyclable packaging. I want to give you a heads up that not all of their products are vegan but their soaps definitely are.

My recommendations:

African Jasmine Soap and Limone Soap (both $11 each): These made-in-England soaps are triple milled with moisturizing shea butter, jojoba, coconut oils and calendula. Not only do they smell exquisite, the are beautifully packaged with eco-friendly wrappers made from the pulp of bamboo shoots and mulberry trees. I would buy a bar of soap for the wrapping alone. It's very artsy and has an indie wallpaper vibe. This photo doesn't do it justice. The floral decorations are actually 3-D and fuzzy. So, I recommend you try the Limone soap which is floral and citrusy and the African Jasmine which is highly fragrant, feminine and sophisticated. Other scents available are: Sweet Lime, Mandarine, Grapefruit, Pistachio, Almond, Rose, Japanese Flower, Frangipani, Hazelnut and Seringa Blossom.
These are definitely some high-end fancy soaps. They'd make great gifts.

For more info: Earthworks Soaps