Monday, August 18, 2008

Get your summer soaps!

Strawberry Hedgehog makes its second appearance on Vegan Beauty Review. What can I say? I'm a huge fan of their fabulous vegan handmade soaps and body care products.

Strawberry Hedgehog has a brand new line of summer soaps that are infused with arometherapeutic goodness. These soaps are eye candy as well. They are gorgeous and they are bound to beautify any bathroom or kitchen.

Let's check out the goods, shall we?

Cucumber soap set ($12):
Cucumber-ginger (refreshing, anchoring, strengthening): Sometimes I just grab these soaps and sniff them for a lil' pick me up. I feel they help center myself. Ah, the powers of aromatherapy. This one is very refreshing!
Cucumber-mint (refreshing, cooling, vitalizing): Mint anything is always my fave! This cooling scent makes beating the heat seem easy. It's uber fresh and great for a morning shower to help make you lively for the day ahead.

Lemongrass soap set ($12):
Lemongrass-orange (vitalizing, cleansing, refreshing): I personally like using this set for my kitchen. These scents embody that summer time feeling.
Lemongrass-grapefruit (vitalizing, cleansing, cheering): This one really has an uplifting smell and awakens the senses.

Lavender soap set ($12):
Lavender-ylang ylang (balancing, soothing, sensual): This one is great for invoking the sexy time mood. It's smells very romantic, relaxing and feminine. This is definitely a fave of mine as well.
Lavender-lime (balancing, refreshing, cheering): This one has a calming and relaxing vibe.

These soaps are reasonable priced and are currently on sale. You can buy all three sets for $34! I recommend them all. I will probably be using these summer scents all year long.

For more info: Strawberry Hedgehog